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Blaque's World of Suspense and ​Psychological Complexity


Vulnerable victim or cunning mastermind? Not ​even the protagonist knows due to his mental ​illness. Delving into the psyche of an enigmatic ​character, this story forces viewers to connect ​with what the mind is truly capable of.

With Blaque’s Proclivity for Firsts, Her ​Debut Remains Her Favorite

On set of Blue Moon Romance

Playing a Californian barfly dressed to meet her ​next rich ex-husband, this character is an ​unreliable witness to supernatural events.

Born in the 80s, LCM’s Set and ​Costume Remains Blaque’s Favorite

On set of Last Chance Molly

Playing a small-town horse whisperer in the ​80s, she helps expose the hidden truths and ​complexities of relationships during this ​influential decade.


Film & Television

Author & Screenwriter

Blaque’s Debut Novel Thrilled with an ​Unforgettable Sexy Read

Available in the US and UK

Detectives tell Sophia Claire that they are ​investigating a string of murders of young ​women who all have at least one thing in ​common – they were all her husband’s lovers.

A Psychological Thriller, Blaque’s ​Second Novel is Set for Late 2024

Available soon

Ana Lupo and her friends accidentally killed a ​man as teens. Now a young widow, Ana must ​untangle the threads of time, connecting ​shocking ties to that fateful night long ago.

Blaque’s Debut with One of Russia’s ​Largest Publishing Houses

Available in Russia

София все еще верит, что муж любит ее, ​но знает и то, что ОН - ЛЖЕЦ. В поисках ​правды она вникает в доступную ей ​информацию о ходерасследования.

Seattle, 2011


From rainy Seattle, Washington, Erica Blaque was ​born a storyteller. The true essence of her passion ​for a psychological thrill unfolds by crafting ​intricate narratives, filled with complex characters ​and twisted storylines. Her love of suspense-laden ​narratives that create a lasting impact on the world ​of mystery and intrigue has translated to a ​multifaceted on-screen presence. Blaque's ​attention to detail, mastery of pacing, and ability to ​breathe life into complex stories is a testament to ​her immense passion.

From Erica

I find myself in a world rich with brilliant creative ​minds that continue to mold the industry and ​influence future generations. Each project is a ​significant reminder to seek my own creative truth ​with inspired, bold steps. I’m full of gratitude for ​each innovative powerhouse I’ve been blessed to ​work with, as well as for the support of my ​expanding audience.

As a child, I often escaped the realities of life by ​diving into the depths of imaginary worlds. Now I ​get to bring these worlds into reality.


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Elizabeth Lee Brown

Director of Last Chance Molly

“Erica’s confidence is an asset on set. She ​abandoned egoic limitations, allowing full ​consumption by the character.”

James Ashley

Director of Reserved for One

“Erica is a valuable member of the team as ​her positive attitude during long shoot days ​was notable and infectious. Always prepared ​and ready to work.”

Stephen Cain

Producer of Little Black Details

“Took direction and knocked it out of the damn ​park. Erica’s patience was angelic and her ​judgment solid gold. Crew and cast adored ​her.”

Howard Gensler

Director of Blue Moon Romance

“Erica was a pleasure to work with. She came ​early, knew her lines, and hit her cues. She ​waited long hours patiently, and contributed ​greatly to the positive vibe of the set. I would ​work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Snoqualmie Pass, 2021


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